The bodies and structure of the Trade Union of Printing and Media Industry are determined by the Statute. Each of our members has the right to elect and be elected, and to actively participate in all organisational levels, from the Union Branch to the Congress. The elections take place every four years.


One of the reasons the Union’s tradition spans over a century and a half is that it always had a clear and stable organisation, which it sought to adjust to the challenges of its time. Such a responsible approach is also reflected in its today’s organisation.

The Statute is the Union’s highest-ranking act. It is passed by the Congress, which is the supreme body of the Union. The Statute defines all the basic determinants of our organisation and work, starting from the objectives and purpose, name, seat, conditions for membership, membership rights and obligations, to the union bodies, its structure and the basic principles of union work, funds, property and material operations. All the Union’s bodies are obliged to act in accordance with the Statute, and special regulations and decisions are made for the purpose of its implementation. The Statute defines the structure of the Union.

The organisation of the Union includes the following bodies and functions:

  • Union Branch
  • Specialist Service
  • President
  • Board of Solidarity Funds
  • Presidency
  • Union Pillars
  • Supervisory Board
  • Statutory Commission
  • Congress.


Each member of the Union has the right and opportunity to elect and be elected, and to actively participate in all of the Union’s organisational levels, from the Union Branch to the Congress. The elections for most of the bodies and their members take place every four years.

Our Union also anticipated the ongoing changes in the world of work by opening up to all the media sectors and services at the 7th Congress held on September 27, 2019 in Stubičke Toplice. Speaking about the necessity to adapt, the President of the Union Darije Hanzalek pointed out the following before 100 present delegates from the branches:

“We are celebrating 150th anniversary of our Union’s existence, precisely because it has always managed to adapt to the challenges of its time. Technological changes are remarkable, the 4th industrial revolution in the media has already taken place to a substantial degree, long time ago information stopped being recorded only on paper, people read less, the media are intertwined in a common network that no longer has clear boundaries. Proud of its history, but also aware of its future, our Union is opening up to all the media and related sectors, both in terms of structure and content.

In addition to all the activities so far, this last Congress put the emphasis of our Union’s work on its foundations – organising, organising and more organising: working with members and other workers in the field, educating them, informing them and raising awareness that together we make up our Union, together we make up our society and ultimately together we make our future.

That is why, in the end, I greet you with our century-old greeting which sums it all in just five words, illustrating our union and human truth: In unity, we stand strong!”