Information and Education

We strive to keep our members and other workers up to date regularly and systematically. Our bulletin "Grafičar i mediji" has been a free publication for our members since May 1, 1992, and we also keep pace with digital forms of communication. We regularly provide trainings to shop stewards and other workers' representatives at seminars in the field of labour law. We are also making significant efforts to educate all members and other workers through our manual called "The ABCs of Employment Relationship".

Information and Education

In addition to our daily activities and exchanges with the branches, we strive to inform our members and other workers about our work regularly and systematically.

Our Union’s bulletin “Grafičar i mediji” has been published since May 1, 1992. It’s the longest-running trade union bulletin in Croatia, which even today, after 350 issues, is delivered free of charge to all our members. Throughout the long history of our Union, we can say it has been our most important bulletin. A number of very enthusiastic authors and contributors have left an imprint of their work in this publication, all in pursuit of a common idea. This idea is a trade union bulletin for members and all other workers in the printing and publishing industry, which extends to communications, the media and beyond. This idea is also a bulletin that for three decades now has been regularly informing workers on current events on a monthly basis, at the same time educating them and familiarising them with broader trade union and social issues. This idea is a bulletin that due to its continuity became a treasure trove of information and knowledge, but also a witness to our time and to events important for the workers both in our industry and beyond.


The Union keeps pace with modern forms of communication and communicates with members via Facebook, union WhatsApp groups and others. Our website, unlike many other union sites, is updated regularly with current news from branches, but also with broader union-related economic topics. The website has an important role because workers can find a lot of advice and information in the field of labour law, and in this way exercise their direct right to labour law protection.

The Union regularly trains shop stewards and other workers’ representatives at seminars in the field of labour law, occupational safety, communication and other topics necessary for a successful representation of workers.

In addition, the Union is making significant efforts to instruct all members and other workers on fundamental issues of employment relationship.

The latest example of these efforts are the manuals the Union prepared with the aim of educating all workers: The ABCs of Employment Relationship, What Does a Worker Need to Know about Hazards and Safe Work, The Basics of Proper Cargo Handling in the Printing Industry, Social Dialogue and the Basics of Successful Communication.